Technical Drawings

During this technical design stage, your VERS Pro design team will work with you to turn your design ideas into technical working drawings. These technical working drawings are used to inform the build specifications for positioning, materials and measurements.


1. Make an appointment with our specialist using the form.

Use our quick and simple online form to pick your preferred services and choose your available dates and get an instant quote for your home designs.


2. A specialist will scan your property.

A 3d Laser scanning specialist will visit your property at one of your designated available timeslots to take a detailed site survey for your project.


3. Consultation with Us.

Meet with your architectural consultant to discuss your project plans, design requirements and aesthetic preferences.


4. Review your designs.

Review your finished designs, and if applicable use our simple online form to request design revisions.


Designing your perfect home renovation can be daunting, VERS Pro specialist home designers are here to make your dream home renovation a reality. Use our simple online forms to choose your service requirements and book in your project.

If you have already been through VERS Pro’s initial design stage, then your design specialist will advise you on how to progress through the working drawings phase.


Our site survey specialist will visit your home at an allotted time and take a measured laser survey of the areas you are wanting to remodel. From one room, all the way up to a full property survey, no matter the project size and scope, VERS Pro are here to help you with your home designs.


Your design specialist will meet with you to discuss your working drawings design requirements. These range from identifying your technical specifications, clarifying your design ideas and identifying any potential issues that come arise from the potential build project. During your consultation which will last between 1 and 1.5 hours, your design specialist will advise you on your home design from a technical perspective.



Your home renovation floorplan design specialist will work to your design specification to create 2d floorplans detailing flooring and wall finishes with elevation drawings, and mechanical and electrical layouts of your proposed home design. We suggest penciling in around 3-4 weeks duration for this when planning out your project schedule, however, for small projects you may receive your designs much faster than this. When you receive your designs, you will also receive a link to book a design review should you require one.


Once you receive and have reviewed your floorplan designs, you will be able to book in a review meeting with your design specialist. If, for whatever reason, the design you have been supplied does not fit your initial brief, then these amendments will be free of charge. There will be a payment option for if you would like to make changes to the design brief or project scope after the initial designs are supplied.