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1. Make an appointment with our specialist using the form.

Use our quick and simple online form to pick your preferred services and choose your available dates and get an instant quote for your home designs.


2. A specialist will scan your property.

A 3d Laser scanning specialist will visit your property at one of your designated available timeslots to take a detailed site survey for your project.


3. Consultation with Us.

Meet with your architectural consultant to discuss your project plans, design requirements and aesthetic preferences.


4. Review your designs.

Review your finished designs, and if applicable use our simple online form to request design revisions.

FloorPlans & 3d Visuals

From simple bathroom designs, to double storey extension plans, VERS Pro take care of every part of your initial renovation designs. Our specialist home designers will work with you to identify your lifestyle requirements for your home design alongside any aesthetic choices which may impact your new home renovations design. Our services includes 2D Floorplans as standard, and gives our customers the option to choose 3d floorplan visualisations to give you a feel for your home renovation plans.

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Planning Application Layouts

Many more extensive home renovations, such as home extensions, or changes to the frontage of your home, can require planning permission layouts. VERS Pro’s architectural consultants will work with your initial concept designs to produce professional planning permission layouts, and mechanical and electrical layouts ready for your planning application.

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Build Documents

It can feel like there is an enormous void between getting drawings ready for your home renovation project and actually instructing trades to do the work. VERS Pro are here to help you properly plan for your home renovation to ensure that you are approaching your build project from an informed perspective. Our Project scope documents allow you to ensure the trades have covered every single action as part of a checklist. Our materials document gives you a comprehensive shopping list to help you budget and arrange delivery schedules. And our estimation report gives you an industry standard costing indication for the project overall, so you can keep an eye on your affordability.

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