The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

The Best Ways To Add Value To Your Home

Even through the toughest of times, the property market continues to grow and develop. If you’re looking to sell your home – now or at some point in the future – there’s lots of refurbishment and development works that can be undertaken to improve the property’s overall value. Even if you know you’re already in your forever home, it will likely one day be passed on; and with just a few adjustments, its condition and value can be maximised.

This all said, you don’t necessarily need to invest lots of time or money into a renovation in order to increase its value. Some additions increase the desirability and value of a property with an impressive ROI – and these are our top tips for doing just that.

Resolve any structural issues

It’s not necessarily the sexiest or most exciting of redevelopments to undergo on a home, but structural issues can hugely impact a property’s value. Rising damp, a sagging or leaking roof, bowing or cracked walls, rotten roof timbers, unstable chimney stacks, missing or broken roof tiles or collapsing floors or slabs may only be considered minor issues but can rapidly deteriorate into a costly major problem. Such issues should be addressed before anything cosmetic as when it comes to sell or pass on the property, you could instead be passing on responsibility for expensive and costly fixes.

Extend the living space

Extensions on homes can add considerable value: an average increase of £40,000 per 15 square metres, to be exact! The addition of a new, larger living space can be converted into just about any room you think of – additional bedrooms, a bathroom, storage space, playroom or home office. This extra space grows not just the functionality of your home but also the appeal of the property to a broader range of buyers.

Convert your loft

Lofts and attics are common amongst British homes but are all too often entirely underutilised and designated as just a dusty storage space for miscellaneous items that just don’t really fit anywhere else. Converting your loft into a functional room gives you extra space to live in without having to extend or invest in a costly addition. The potential of lofts is much bigger than most homeowners consider: and can fairly simply have plumbing and/or electricity added. There are now a whole variety of companies who specialise in such conversions, too.

Tidy up your home’s exterior

The concept of ‘curb appeal’ remains very underrated – yet we all know the phrase ‘first impressions count’. Buyers are likely to visit your home at times other than agreed viewings and will often only be able to see the front of the property. It takes little time and effort to weed the garden, clean the windows, touch up the paint on the window frames and doors and fix any broken fencing. A quick spruce up of your home’s exterior can make all the difference in cementing those first impressions and allowing buyers to make a snap judgment on the value of it.

Embrace light

Letting light in to a property helps curate a feeling of freshness and gives the impression of spaciousness even where they may not quite be the case; and property value is hugely impacted by the feeling of space. Clean windows help allow more light in but also the installation of bright, energy efficient bulbs creates more. Skylights and patio doors can help further flood spaces with natural light and help modernise older homes.


Not redone your rooms for a while? Freshening up your interior design can help increase the value of a home and broaden its appeal, as those who may not wish to invest the time into redecoration will consider it. As a general rule, estate agents recommend sticking to neutral tones and light colours to further create the illusion of space and to allow for a variety of tastes to be applied later on without the need to alter the existing colour palette. Homeowners should also remember that dark colours can make rooms feel smaller and bright colours often give buyers the impression that they’ll need to immediately redecorate as soon as they move in.

Improve home security

Buyers will pay more for a home they feel safe in, yet the installation of security provisions need not break the bank. A chain added to the front door along with motion-sensor lights outside and a burglar alarm can all be installed fairly cheaply. Doorbells with CCTV and device-linked apps are now extremely popular and available on the high street to give extra peace of mind to those within.

Invest in energy efficiency

There seems not to be a headline that doesn’t mention the skyrocketing energy prices at present, and so investing into energy efficiency helps provide long-term value for a household. If double glazing hasn’t already been installed, it should be before winter, lofts should be insulated and old central heating systems should be updated. Even small, inexpensive updates such as the hanging of reflective foil behind radiators can make a difference.

Improve your outdoor space

If there’s a garden on your property, the inclusion of a seating/dining area or even garden room can vastly increase the value of the home as it demonstrates a further functional space. Garden rooms – essentially sheds used for anything but storage – can be used as home offices, changing rooms, studios or guest rooms and provide a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Such spaces can even be listed on short-term rental sites such as Airbnb to generate further income.

A lot of value generation in homes is achieved through the optimisation of the spaces within, and VERS Pro can help you identify the opportunities your home holds. With a variety of tools at our disposal including the facilities for 3D laser scanning, 3D home visualisations, 2D floorplan design and mechanical and electrical drawings, we can help you uncover potential for value increase just about anywhere!

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