Home Design Services in Cambridge

Home Design Services in Cambridge

Cambridgeshire is a superb place to live, so it’s no surprise that those who do settle down in the county tend to stay once they find the right house. VERS Pro works with homeowners throughout the region to help them future-proof their properties with renovations, extensions and conversions; planning and designing to maximise usage potential and turn transformation dreams into reality.

What design services do VERS Pro offer?

VERS Pro offers a range of home design services in Cambridge, including:

  • Planning Permission Drawings
  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • 2D Floorplan Design
  • 3D Home Visualisations
  • Working Drawings
  • Mechanical Drawings
  • Electrical Drawings

What are the most popular design projects?

Cambridgeshire remains one of the most desired places to live in the UK and so property prices throughout the region are high. As a result, we see lots of homeowners opting for extensions to their homes to increase their living space without the cost of inconvenience of moving. Extensions are primarily backward into garden space in more open-plan rural areas (both single and double storey) but also into side returns in urban towns and cities.

What Types of Home Design can VERS Pro help with?

VERS Pro can design just about any type of room for you. Our home designs in Cambridge include:

  • Single Storey Extension Design
  • Loft Conversion Design
  • Landscaping Design
  • Garage Conversion Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Bathroom Design
  • Home Extension Design
  • Double Storey Extension Design
  • Luxury Home Renovation Design
  • Porch Design.
  • Open Plan Home Design

How much does the design stage cost?

Of course, the exact price of your property project depends on the scope and size of it, along with a whole host of variables dependent on your home and requirements. As a ballpark, you can expect the design stage to come in at between 5-15% of the total build cost; but it’s worth remembering that this amount can save you considerably later on, as your planning paves the way for a smooth job.

Why choose VERS Pro?

VERS Pro’s suite of tech solutions combined with a highly skilled team of specialists means that you won’t find a more comprehensive design service provider. We can help you realise the full potential of your property and really make it into a ‘forever home’.

Will a design and build project require planning permission?

Smaller home renovations and those on uncomplicated properties can often be completed without the need for planning permission, but larger projects and those situated in AONBs or on listed buildings may need formal administrative permission. Where this is the case, VERS Pro is able to provide all of the relevant drawings and plans to supply with your application (and/or appeal, if necessary).

What areas do VERS Pro cover?

VERS Pro cover the entire of the UK with our bespoke home design service. We have a design hub in Cambridge covering areas including Duxford, Ely, Huntingdon and Newmarket.

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