Build Documents

Whether you have been through the VERS Pro process to achieve your concept plans, and technical drawings, or if you have used a 3 rd party provider such as an independent Architect; The next step is to take your project to build. But where do you start?


1. Scope of Works.

How will my build project progress? A comprehensive list of every activity which needs to be actioned to complete your desired build project.


2. Schedule.

When will the build be finished? The timeline for your renovation, including details of when trades will be on site .


3. Estimation.

How much will my renovation cost? A budget indication using current industry prices for labour and materials.


4. And more!

Additional documentation to support and protect your build project, including product specifications, bill of quantities and permits that may be required.

Vers Pro can help manage the build process by ensuring that you have all the documentation required to inform and protect your build project. In supplying this, Ver Pro answer three fundamental questions you may have about your build:

WHAT: A detailed scope of works comprising exactly what actions are required during your build

WHEN: A program of works scheduling each of the trades for the duration of the project

HOW MUCH: An accurate build estimate based on the elements above and taking into account industry conditions, informing you how much you should expect to budget for a project of your specification.



Use our simple online form to tell us a bit about your project and book an appointment with our Technical build specialist. Our handy form allows you to input your availability for a meeting, along with giving you an instant quote for your build documents.


During the online meeting, Vers Pro’s Technical Specialist will go through your project details with you, identifying the specifications for the project, and soaking up as much relevant information about your build as possible. If you have specific finishes, or product specifications at this point then it is worth providing your Technical Specialist with as much information as you can – the more informative you can be- the more accurate your budget estimate will be. You should expect this meeting to take around 45mins – 1.5hrs depending on the size and scope of your individual project. Your Technical Specialist will also likely request you to supply any relevant plans or drawings you may have available for the project.


You should receive your build documents within around a week of completing your consultation with our Technical Specialist. You will receive a build documentation package including:

A Scope of Works: A detailed description of everything that needs to take place on your build project.

A Program of Works: An timeline for your project detailing who should be on site, and when.

A Build Estimate: An industry standard estimate for your build project, including labour and materials.

Document Review

We recommend taking some time to review your documentation to ensure that it encapsulates your build project. If at this stage you would like to make amendments to your documentation then please get in touch with your technical specialist. Any errors or omissions will be altered free of charge, and there will be a small surcharge for new changes due to a change in requirements or preference.