About Us

We are taking the stress out of planning your home renovation with our bespoke home design service and custom build support documents. Find out more below:


VERS Pro is putting process and planning into supporting home renovation build projects. Its founders, with their wealth of experience in engineering, architectural drawings and construction project management identified the need for a solution to homeowners need to manage their own home renovations from an informed perspective. With teams covering the whole of the UK, VERS Pro are your local home design specialist regardless of where you are based.



Many homeowners take the first steps into a home renovation before they fully understand what they really want to achieve, often engaging an Architect and incurring costly Architects fees prior to ironing out their ideas. Or, even worse, often going straight to a tradesperson hoping they will understand the requirements of a home renovation just from a description and perhaps a sketch. This leads homeowners down one of two paths, a path of extreme cost, or a path of extreme disaster.


VERS Pro is a cost effective way for homeowners to protect their home renovation build projects by approaching it from an informed perspective, whilst utilising the level of skill and qualifications appropriate for the stage of the project. Our home design specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in all types of home renovation, allowing you to relax and enjoy the planning stages of your build. Our services include everything you need to prepare for your home renovation, from 2d and 3d floorplans, planning permission drawings, and our bespoke build documentation to support your build.